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Sharepricer Introduction

Here we enter the data for an imaginary high tech company called "Company A".

Main Window

Above you see the main window of Sharepricer. In this window you can compare companies. You can add a new company by clicking the Add button.

Company information view

The Add button opens a company information window, which you can see above. Here you can enter some basic information about the company. The market price can be entered manually or retrieved automatically.

Valuation inputs view

Clicking the Valuation Inputs tab shows all the information that is used to determine the 'fair price' of the stock. It is easy to find the needed input data from the Internet or newspapers. For example Yahoo provides earnings estimates and other input data.

In the bottom section of the window there are other results that the program calculates based on the valuation inputs and the market price.

Main Window

The analysis for this company is now done. Clicking OK brings you back to the main window where the companies can be compared based on their results.

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